Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby steps

I really want to get back into the swing of blogging again but I think it's going to prove to be more difficult than I originally thought.  I used to have all of these ideas that would just float around in my head of what I felt would be interesting blog posts and I would have crazy things happen in my day that would lead me to say "I so need to blog this"!  That's not happening anymore.

These days my thoughts are consumed with the analysis of literature and writing huge papers and meeting deadlines and trying to keep my GPA up to an acceptable level.  Hell, I don't even know what an acceptable GPA is for a 42 year old junior in college.  I've got a 3.5.  Is that acceptable?  Probably but I don't think it would get me into some amazing grad student program for my Masters.  Who knows.  Who cares?

I finally finished up my two year degree in Psychology and two weeks after that I started working on my BA in English with a minor in History.  So four more years and I'll have that Masters in English that I've been craving for some 25 or more years.  It's killing me.  Seriously.  I am tired and there are so many days that I want to give in and quit.  Thankfully, my inner bitch kicks in and gives me a swift kick in the ass and I get right back at it.  After all, we are usually our own best motivators. 

So yeah, this would be the part of the blog post where I would wrap things up with some witty anecdote or have some awesome line that would be just hilarious and would leave readers in tears.  However, I don't have any readers and I'm not as witty as I once was so I guess I'll just say...until the next time!  Tot Ziens!


  1. Yeah getting back into blogging is hard after taking a break, but on the other hand I am glad I took the break (I quit, but I guess when you go back to it, that means it was just a "break"). Before, I was obsessive about my posts. Now? Not so much. A spelling error, not sounding witty enough, whatever. :) It doesn't matter, because it's just me playing around a bit. Welcome back! And you're kicking ass in school, don't belittle it!

  2. I've had the same problem! (AmyD of AmysMusings.Com) I used to find blog fodder everywhere and now it's like pulling teeth to find something worthwhile of plopping down. Unfortunately, I can't claim all the amazing accomplishments that you can - congratulations!!!!!!

  3. What Kyra said!

    And? You made me laugh again. So there!

  4. Thanks for commenting girls! I am starting to feel like a blogger again. I got three comments in one day. That's like a 2012 record for me. Of course I've only blogged twice in 2012 so yeah...I've really got nowhere to go but up! :)